Dispatch Enables Disruption

The freedom to pursue big ideas unencumbered by data and scaling limitations.

Dispatch enables the development of secure, decentralized peer-to-peer applications on a scale never before possible.

Our Story

Building a mature protocol based on real-world needs

We believe that decentralized systems and shared ledgers can accelerate how the world evolves. Dispatch is building a mature shared ledger protocol, based on real-world needs, in order to deliver value for real people and businesses. The Dispatch protocol is the platform on which anyone can develop a great idea, and be supported by a company devoted to supporting creativity, growth, and responsible change.

The Team

Experienced, Conscious Leadership

Our objective is to build both a protocol and a company that will espouse the team’s collective values: to improve the world and the lives of people in it by creating a system that enables the decentralization of wealth and information.

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Matt McGraw

Matt McGraw Chief Executive Officer

Matt is an entrepreneur and CEO with expertise in quickly scaling successful businesses. After leading and shepherding a versatile range of tech companies, Matt’s current focus is on technologies that disrupt hierarchies, and disseminate control of secure information to data users, ranging from individuals to enterprise clients. His innate design thinking focus complements a belief that good corporate governance and culture make success possible.

Zane Witherspoon

Zane Witherspoon Chief Technical Officer

Zane is an experienced blockchain architect and distributed systems specialist. He is firmly entrenched as an expert in the blockchain world, sitting on the board of advisers for four California-based blockchain companies, and an author in the space. His relentless drive to build something at the bleeding edge of what is currently possible, makes Zane an invaluable leader on the Dispatch tech team.

Diane Blattner-Kresal

Diane Blattner-Kresal Chief of Staff

With a focus on building resilient, organized and adaptive systems within smaller companies, Diane brings more than 20 years of operations and project management experience to Dispatch Labs. With a diversity of leadership roles from marketing to publishing to tech consulting, and an MBA from the University of San Francisco, her operational savvy is essential to the Dispatch and Bureau teams.

Ivan Goldensohn

Ivan Goldensohn Chief Ecosystem Officer

Ivan is a co-founding partner of The Bureau, and Chief Ecosystem Officer at Dispatch Labs. Ivan spent five years in MMO video game marketing, and was responsible for more than $100 million in regional revenue. Ivan was Director of Business Development at Cronos CCS, a leading global provider of central nervous system research clinical services, where he developed partnerships with NIH, NIMH, Columbia University, and the Nathan Kline Institute. Ivan also launched and managed Amonte, a California cannabis collective. Ivan’s musings on blockchain have appeared in Hackernoon and TechBullion, among others.

Patrik Wijkstrom

Patrik Wijkstrom Chief Operating Officer

With more than two decades of application development, process re-engineering, sales, marketing and team building experience, Patrik is an invaluable member of the Dispatch team. His peerless tech acumen is complemented by a deeper why, helping the people around him to grow, and a fundamental drive to leave the world a better place than he found it.

Zachary Fallon

Zachary Fallon Senior Legal Advisor

Zachary is a former Senior Counsel in the Office of Small Business Policy for the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Division of Corporation Finance. He authored Reg A+, and has particular expertise in the area of small company capital formation and on various exemptions from registration under the Securities Act of 1933.  Before joining the SEC, he practiced corporate and securities law in the London and San Francisco offices of Latham & Watkins LLP. Zach is a graduate of Trinity College, London (BFA), the Guildford School of Acting (MA), and the UC Berkeley School of Law (JD).

Darin Kotalik

Darin Kotalik VP of Marketing

Darin has deep expertise in product marketing, product management, and business development in both startup environments and at large Silicon Valley tech companies. He’s developed and executed business-to-business and business-to-consumer strategies for SaaS, blockchain, cloud computing, and enterprise software products and services. Before taking on his current role leading Dispatch’s marketing team, Darin was a consultant with several Bay Area blockchain and crypto companies, assisting clients with partnerships, product development, and marketing strategies. He’s adept at managing cross-functional teams with a strong analytical emphasis, technical knowledge, and customer focus.

Shadan Azali

Shadan Azali VP of Investor Relations

Shadan is Vice President of Investor Relations for Dispatch Labs. She lead corporate philanthropy initiatives at Ally Bank and Bank of America. Shadan was a program officer for the Global Philanthropy Forum in San Francisco, and served as a principal liaison for the U.S. Secretary of State Strategic Dialogue with Civil Society. Shadan was the associate director at the Earth institute and was an adjunct professor at the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs.

Jake Kuczeruk

Jake Kuczeruk Director of Partnerships

Jake is an entrepreneur, advisor, and growth/partnerships specialist who serves in dual roles as the Director of Partnerships for both Dispatch Labs and The Bureau. Jake advises and mentors Japan’s Archetype Ventures, Entrepreneur Lab Stockton, FounderSpace, Alchemist Accelerator, and emerging startups Bravely and Rhiz. Formerly, Jake spearheaded the growth efforts of WeTrust, MegaBots, West Agile Labs, and two 500 Startups Accelerator companies (Tie Society and Console.FM).

Colin Lowenberg

Colin Lowenberg Director of Developer Partnerships

Colin brings 12 years of engineering and consulting experience to his role supporting the growing community of Dispatch app developers. He recently joined Dispatch from Cisco’s Meraki product-management team, where he started a platform for developers, assisted with hundreds of integrations, shifted the Meraki business to solution-led sales and API-first engineering, and launched an app directory with dozens of technology partners. During his tenure at Cisco, Colin worked with customers in multiple industries and developed expertise in wi-fi and Bluetooth location positioning, as well as a host of other technologies.
Prior to Cisco, Colin was a technology consultant at Accenture, where he developed software for the Treasury Department, patented a solution to protect industrial workers, and designed wi-fi networks for casinos, retailers, refineries, and museums.
Mark Streeter

Mark Streeter Director of Asia Operations

Mark brings years of Asian Equity Sales experience with a diverse portfolio of established client relationships in Asia, Europe, and North America. His Business Development, Strategic Planning, Strategy, Equities, and Research expertise is an essential component of Dispatch Labs’ outreach in Asia. Mark has a strong background in finance, and graduated from Concordia University.

Greg McGregor

Greg McGregor VP of Engineering

Greg is the inventor of pre-paid wireless. He has more than 30 years in mobile technology, and large multi-protocol Internet distributed networking infrastructure systems. He has architected, designed and implemented large content delivery networks and back end servers, as well as satellite networks with Space Systems Loral and iBeam broadcasting.

Denis Molchanenko

Denis Molchanenko Quality Assurance Director

As a quality assurance expert with more than 20 years experience. Denis has tackled a variety of projects, from small startup companies, to industry leaders, such as IBM and Hitachi. Denis has set up all phases of QA strategy, methodology, continuous delivery, and architecting all aspects of test automation across multiple platforms. His passion for QA drove him to become one of the lead developers for open source test automation framework RedwoodHQ, where he successfully transformed a global team of manual engineers into automation contributors.

Silas Thomas

Silas Thomas Director of IT and Security Operations

Silas is an accomplished professional with almost 20 years of demonstrated success in engineering terrestrial and cloud IT systems, and services for startups to Fortune 500’s. He provides a depth and breadth of knowledge in operational IT and Security that makes him a valuable asset to the Dispatch team. Silas has always been driven to tackle complex puzzles and distill them into usable frameworks. Inspired by the endless possibilities blockchain can facilitate for our shared vision of the future, he dove in head first.

Ben Dutro

Ben Dutro Art Director

Ben has spent 20 years in the business of brand management, graphic design, and creative development. His versatility as an art director, copywriter, and creative thinker complements an inclusive approach to design that supports every collaboration with Dispatch Labs’ impressive group of thought leaders and industry experts.

Karen Diaz

Karen Diaz Blockchain Systems Operations Manager

Karen was born in Quito, Ecuador, where she finished her secondary studies in German. She later moved to San Francisco, where she completed a degree in marketing from the University of San Francisco. She has experience in digital marketing, sales operations, project management, and enjoys learning about CRM systems. She is driven by building systems that improve operations performance and efficiency, which are key in the blockchain industry. 

Corey Harris

Corey Harris Community Growth Manager

Corey is a blockchain enthusiast dating back to 2009, when he came across a story in Hacker News about the first Bitcoin transaction — a purchase of two pizzas for 20,000 tokens. In October 2017, he co-founded Blackchain, an education platform dedicated to increasing the understanding of digital ledger technology among enthusiasts. He majored in economics at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and blogs often about tokenomics and behavior modification driven by tokenization.

Rich Stimbra

Rich Stimbra Minister of Culture

As a former stand-up comedian, Rich believes in the power of marketing and cultivating communities to raise brand awareness. An early adopter of social media, Rich participated as social media grew from an interesting fad into a global business necessity. Rich managed social media for a variety of high profile clients, before diving head-first into the communities of the shared ledger world. Rich believes in using community to bring about positive transformation.

Amanda Borrelli

Amanda Borrelli Marketing Assistant

Amanda is a Sacramento native and a graduate of the University of San Francisco. She holds a degree in advertising with a minor in sociology. A veteran of Apple retail, Amanda is glad to be entering the world of blockchain and applying her skills to the help the Dispatch Labs Marketing Team.

Nicolae Carabut

Nicolae Carabut Software Engineer

Nicolae was born and educated in Moldova, eventually earning his MS in Economics at the State University of Moldova. After relocating to the United States, he furthered his studies in the field of Computer Science at the University of Iowa. Today, as a highly trained professional software developer, with an astute understanding of industry trends, and innovative technologies, he focuses his expertise on business clientele services and development.

Christopher McGregor

Christopher McGregor Software Engineer

Chris has been working with new innovative technologies for more than 15 years. He has conceptualized and developed multiple technologies including BT Cellnet’s (O2) original Pay & Go, QoS / QoE solutions for 3G / 4G LTE mobile, mobile authentication for the U.S. Federal Government, the first pre-production prototypes of the world’s first ISO biometric-powered card (now being offered by MasterCard internationally), and Trumpet’s SMB Social Commerce Platform. 

Dmitri Molchanenko

Dmitri Molchanenko Quality Assurance Engineer

Dmitri has been a QA engineer for more than 20 years. He has worked with small startup companies and Fortune 100 corporations such as Visa, Tibco, and Intuit. Dimitri also has extensive experience as a test automation architect. He has created very successful open source projects such as RedwoodHQ and Looking Glass, which are used by a diverse array of industries and governmental agencies.

Rebecca Salisbury

Rebecca Salisbury Operations Manager

Becca came to Dispatch after being involved in the traditional startup world, working at an incubator. During her time studying Economics in university, she first became interested in blockchain technology, and was fascinated with the idea of how this disruptive technology could potentially solve for so many market failures. Her current passions now lie in tokenomics and artificial intelligence, while also focusing on building relations within the Dispatch developer community.

Bob Stevens

Bob Stevens Software Engineer

Bob has spent the last 20 years building enterprise systems for Fortune 100 companies. The last few years have centered on building cloud-based solutions and using machine learning to drive more intelligent systems. His current passion is blockchain, and how it is impacting the world.

Avery Hankins

Avery Hankins Jr Software Developer

Avery is a blockchain engineer devoted to developing the next generation of shared ledger technology. Avery’s focus is developing smartcontracts and expanding smartcontract functionality to enable more diverse and better integrations into protocols. Avery is a strong solidity programmer and has experience using a large variety of programming languages.

Kevin Eison

Kevin Eison Chief Director at The Bureau

Kevin is Head of The Bureau, an advisory and incubator for companies building on distributed ledger technology, like blockchain. Kevin has run enterprise sales teams from 12 to 70 people, exceeding $100 million in revenue for companies like AT&T and Apple. The Bureau is a Public Benefits Corporation that prides itself in putting social impact first as well as being a thought leader in the decentralized space.

Ran Neu-Ner

Ran Neu-Ner Advisor

Ran is a founder and CEO of Onchain Capital, an investment and advisory business & The Creative Counsel, one of South Africa’s largest advertising agencies. He is currently host of the Crypto Trader show on CNBC Africa. He is a serial entrepreneur who started an import-export business after school. The company grew exponentially and was eventually acquired by Publicis Groupe in September 2015.

Will O’Brien

Will O’Brien Advisor

Will O’Brien is a veteran in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. He was founder and CEO of BitGo from 2013-2015, limited partner and advisor to Blockchain Capital since 2013, advisor to Arrington XRP Capital, and is an investor and advisor to pioneering projects including Hub, Civic, Orchid, Akash, Nodle, Lottery.com, and Telegram. Will’s angel investment and advisory portfolio spans a broad range of sectors including fintech, gaming and VR, media, healthtech, data and analytics, and cloud services. Prior to his work in crypto, Will has served as an executive at companies including Keen IO (acquired by Scaleworks) Big Fish Games (acquired for $885 million by Churchill Downs, NASDAQ:CHDN) and TrialPay (acquired by Visa, NSYE:V). Will has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, AllThingsD, BusinessWeek, and various industry press. He is a regular presenter at industry conferences and appeared on television and in film. Will holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Harvard University and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Tim Siwula

Tim Siwula Advisor

Tim works on the Protocol team at ConsenSys, with the initiative to design, build, and scale the future of blockchain interoperability, one protocol at a time. He is passionate about open source, developer tools, command line experiences, and API’s. His industry experience ranges from banking, education, and security-led organizations, such as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Democratize Computing Lab, ADT, and Wells Fargo.

Andrew Segal

Andrew Segal Advisor

Andrew is a professor of Computer Science at University of San Francisco and has been in several startups involving artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, and is currently working on block chaining systems. He has more than 20 years experience in technology development for several markets, and a PhD from University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign.

Jake Vartanian

Jake Vartanian Advisor

Jake is the founder of Cryptodex, a contributor to Blockchain News, and an advocate of decentralization since early 2011. He has worked with high profile startups including Bancor, TokenCard and SingularDTV, helping to design token models, telling the stories behind these projects, and building digital ecosystems. Jake’s focus is on using emerging technologies to help communities become more aware of the immense value they hold.

Christian Yavorsky

Christian Yavorsky Advisor

Dr. Yavorsky is the Chief Scientific Officer and Clinical Director of Cronos Clinical Consulting. He has lectured in psychology in the United States, Europe, India and South Africa, and published extensively in clinical trials methodology and outcome measure instrument reliability. He has been involved in more than 60 Phase I-IV trials in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, Tourette’s syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. His current interests include creating tools and processes that solve the institutional and systemic challenges that face developing nations in carrying out clinical trials in neuroscience.

Paul Lambert

Paul Lambert Advisor

Paul is an applied cryptographer, inventor, entrepreneur and pioneer in Internet security. He has more than 30 years experience developing security protocols for large and small customers including the NSA, Oracle and the Wi-Fi Alliance. Passionate about using cryptography to improve the world, he has lead non-profit projects to create and distribute privacy systems. He consults and teaches cryptography at the University of San Francisco.

Mathias Goldmann

Mathias Goldmann Advisor

Mathias is an investor and advisor to startups. He worked for the European Central Bank, he also audited real estate and investments funds for Fortune 500 banks in Europe, before bootstrapping his own ecommerce startup.

Simone Giacomelli

Simone Giacomelli Advisor

Simone has spent four years leading teams that provide next generation blockchain solutions for both the private and public sectors. Passionate and diligent about exploring relational economies and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO’s), he conducts research in novel cryptocurrency models, initial coin offerings, and incentive mechanisms that empower cooperation and value creation.

Jordan Burton

Jordan Burton Advisor

Jordan is the founder of Burton Advisors and has led Vector’s Human Capital initiatives as part of the Value Creation Team since 2014. Jordan was a Partner at ghSMART & Company, a boutique talent and leadership advisory firm. Before ghSMART, Jordan was a Case Team Leader in Bain & Company’s San Francisco office, where he focused primarily on private equity and technology engagements. He holds an MBA with honors from the Harvard Business School and BA degrees with honors in Philosophy and Economics from Duke University.

Austin Hyland

Austin Hyland Advisor

Austin has spent his whole career in technology. He is currently a Developer Evangelist for Cisco and is also the Co-Founder and is also the Director of Outreach at TulipConf. Austin studied Computer and Information Systems Security Assurance at George Mason University.

Ted Moskovitz

Ted Moskovitz Advisor

Ted is a Founding Partner and Advisor at Decentranet. A former Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer turned serial entrepreneur, Ted is an active investor in the blockchain ecosystem, especially in social impact projects. He is also the Co-Founder of the virtual incubator Featured Labs, which advises and invests in companies working in SaaS, genomic-based medicine, cannabis, and blockchain technology. He graduated magna cum laude with his Juris Doctor in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law from American University, Washington College of Law. Ted lives vicariously through himself.

Benji Rabhan

Benji Rabhan Advisor

Benji is a Founding Partner at Decentranet. A New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Benji has built and scaled several multimillion dollar businesses. He is the Co-Founder of MorrisCore and Featured Labs. One of the world’s leading optimization experts, Benji has been featured in Forbes, Inc500, and Empact100, where he visited the White House as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30.

Meet the Team

  • Matt McGraw Chief Executive Officer
  • Zane Witherspoon Chief Technical Officer
  • Diane Blattner-Kresal Chief of Staff
  • Ivan Goldensohn Chief Ecosystem Officer
  • Patrik Wijkstrom Chief Operating Officer
  • Zachary Fallon Senior Legal Advisor
  • Darin Kotalik VP of Marketing
  • Shadan Azali VP of Investor Relations
  • Jake Kuczeruk Director of Partnerships
  • Colin Lowenberg Director of Developer Partnerships
  • Mark Streeter Director of Asia Operations
  • Greg McGregor VP of Engineering
  • Denis Molchanenko Quality Assurance Director
  • Silas Thomas Director of IT and Security Operations
  • Ben Dutro Art Director
  • Karen Diaz Blockchain Systems Operations Manager
  • Corey Harris Community Growth Manager
  • Rich Stimbra Minister of Culture
  • Amanda Borrelli Marketing Assistant
  • Nicolae Carabut Software Engineer
  • Christopher McGregor Software Engineer
  • Dmitri Molchanenko Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Rebecca Salisbury Operations Manager
  • Bob Stevens Software Engineer
  • Avery Hankins Jr Software Developer
  • Kevin Eison Chief Director at The Bureau
  • Ran Neu-Ner Advisor
  • Will O’Brien Advisor
  • Tim Siwula Advisor
  • Andrew Segal Advisor
  • Jake Vartanian Advisor
  • Christian Yavorsky Advisor
  • Paul Lambert Advisor
  • Mathias Goldmann Advisor
  • Simone Giacomelli Advisor
  • Jordan Burton Advisor
  • Austin Hyland Advisor
  • Ted Moskovitz Advisor
  • Benji Rabhan Advisor
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Dispatch is a socially conscious, eco-friendly company built around sustainable technology.

Dispatch is a team and a company with strong values, and those values are built into every decision we make and everything we build.