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The Tech

Dispatch Architecture

The Dispatch platform is best understood with its on-chain business logic combined with its off-chain data management with the Dispatch Virtual Machine tying it all together. The overall architecture gives entrepreneurs to enterprise the tools necessary to build fast, scalable and secure dApps with no transaction fees in one blockchain protocol. See how it all works.

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DAPoS Consensus Algorithm Explained

See how Dispatch Delegated Asynchronous Proof of Stake provides Dapp developers for the enterprise and entrepreneurs in all industries quick and secure processes in the thousands of transactions per second with no transaction fees. Learn more about how Dispatch DAPoS can help your company.

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Bringing it All Together

Dispatch Virtual Machine

The Dispatch Virtual Machine

• Supports smart contracts that allow users to write and execute stateful programs.
• Maintains the state of all the accounts using the network. This common state can be updated by sending transactions.
• Uses the DAPoS algorithm to rapidly verify new transactions as they’re sent to the blockchain.
• Each delegate is responsible for his or her own chain of transactions.

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A Stakeholder is any node who holds Dispatch tokens. Stakeholders are in charge of electing Delegates and Bookkeepers.


Delegates are in charge of validating transactions. With DAPoS, Delegates are paid for time spent, rather than traditional transaction fees.


Bookkeepers are responsible for holding Delegates accountable for validations. With Stakeholder support, they can become Delegates.


Uploaders seed the DAN with artifacts, deploying them via smart contract and serving them to the Downloaders.


Downloaders are content users or consumers and the most common role in the DAN. Downloaders receive their artifacts from Farmers and Uploaders.


Farmers store artifacts for Uploaders, Distribute artifacts to Downloaders, and execute analytics. Farmers are extremely important to the scalability of the DAN.